Ideas are generated from many influences in one's life. Sometimes they remain adrift in ones mind, and sometimes they are realized. We all have different goals for our ideas. Sculptors usually want their ideas to occupy 3 dimensional space. This is a Metamorphosis from one dimension to another. From the ethereal world to the physical one. Same idea, just different realities.

 I love the materials available to me as a Sculptor. I have fallen in love with a certain few. I suppose they are my favorites, at the moment. My current repertoire. The sight and feel of them stimulate my thought process. I love what they are, and I imagine what they could be. I think of how to change them so that, together, we can get a point across in a more dynamic way. I experiment heavily. I try things, technically, that sometimes fail, but always thrill. I am mindful that while affecting this transformation of materials, the idea must never get lost in the technique. Striking a balance between the artistic idea, and excellence in craft, is so important.

 Many of my ideas are generated by thoughts of harmony between Humans and the rest of the Natural World. A hike in the woods can be a spark, but so can sitting indoors with my drawing pad. A few years ago, I came upon the words of a Native American, Chief Seattle. In 1854 he gave a speech, which upon reading it, moved me, and consoled me. (Though some dispute as to which paragraphs were actually his, remains to this day, the ones that are unquestionably attributed to him are plain enough to see his wisdom). His understanding of the world and the role we all play in the cosmos struck a resonant chord with my own beliefs. His ideas are often in my mind when I work.

 I like to feel that I could be alone in a room with any one of my pieces, and I could learn something by staring at it and thinking about it. Pondering the thoughtfullness that went into it's creation, and looking for the lessons that it still has to offer.

 Materials also drive my creativity. Entering the studio with all the material resources  at my fingertips, sometimes I just switch into automatic, and let them guide me. My specialty is Sand Casting. Making complicated, multiple piece molds, I am able to open them up and go inside them to work. I do a lot of carving into the negative spaces of the molds before closing them up and pouring metal into them. For many years I have been incorporating stones and branches into sand molds and pouring metal around, and through them. (In much of my work, the rock symbolizes the planet Earth). These natural materials don’t always like 2100 degree molten bronze coming into contact with them. Sometimes the Metamorphosis is more eventful than other times, and there is the occasional violent reaction. Not unlike the Big Bang formation of our universe.  Such is the nature of superheated metal. Such is the nature of creation.




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